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When a bitch is mated, it is important to write down the date of the mating so that you can calculate when the puppies can be expected. You must now, within three weeks of the mating, fill in the so-called mating declaration and submit it to the Dutch Kennel Club.

Breeders who are members of the Breed Club,  De pekingees en Dwergspanielclub, must also notify the Breed Club of the mating within three weeks.
Remember, you must also submit the results of the  shows and eye tests of both parents to the Breed Club.

The average pregnancy of the Lhasa Apso is between 58 and 63 days. It is often the case that the more puppies the bitch is carrying, the shorter the pregnancy; but even with a large number of puppies, the pregnancy should last at least 58 days. If the puppies are both sooner, their chance of survival is small because the lungs of the puppies are not yet fully developed. If the bitch has only a few puppies, the pregnancy may last longer, but at most 67 days. You should then contact your Vet.

28 days after the mating, you can have your Vet examine your bitch to feel whether she is pregnant, or have an echo made.

Most pregnant bitches can go through a period in which they eat badly or vomit. This generally happens when they are 3 weeks pregnant.

It is possible after the pregnancy has lasted for 7 weeks to have an X-ray made; it is only at this age that the puppies have formed bones that can be seen on an X-ray. The advantage of an X-ray is that you can see exactly how many pups you can expect. However, you can often tell yourself whether a bitch is pregnant after 7 weeks. The disadvantage of an X-ray is the radiation to which you expose both your bitch and the puppies.

If the bitch is pregnant, she does not need any additional food for the first 7 weeks. From 7 weeks onwards, you can also give her a good quality puppy food. NEVER give extra calcium in her food.
This can result in bone deformation in both the pups and the mother.

From 57 days, you can start taking the temperature of the bitch; the normal temperature is around 38.5° C.
As the birth approaches, the temperature can drop to around 36.5° C. If the temperature rises again to 38.5° C, she will whelp within 24 hours. She will also lose slime from her vagina; this should be clear or milky.

When determining whether a bitch is in whelp, the following percentages give the accuracy of the examination method used:

• echography 94%
• womb palpitation 88%
• X-ray 100%

One point: not all vets can carry out all forms of examination; always contact your own vet or consult internet.



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