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Flea Control

Cycle of the Flea:
The flea sucks blood on the dog when he jumps and 36 hours later she starts to lay eggs, up to 50 per day. After several weeks there in 1000 and falling to the floor in the living room, dog bed, bed and car. After one to 10 days, the them eggs and larvae will feed on skin peel fresh and vlooienpoepjes of the pet waste. These larvae pupate and dolls, some days up to 2 years after hatching. If they all hatch at once, we have a flea infestation and the floor seems to move.
To survive depending on the pets are fleas. Previously particularly in August-October issues with fleas, now the whole year, thanks to central heating in homes.

Problems of fleas and ticks in dogs and cats:

o Itching, scratching a lot, suddenly just before the tail biting,
o Bald on the tail,
o Open biting the skin. (Itching is much more natural causes, loose hair, insect bites, food allergy)
o sucking blood (especially in puppies can be life threatening, have white mucous membranes and nose, stop eating and die)
o Fleas as a transmitter of the ribbon worm (segments as grains of rice in the stool).
o Flea Allergy
o Draw bring Lyme disease and Babesiosis (waters blood, blood parasite) over.
How do I find fleas on my dog? Against the grain pat on the back of the tail and immediately see:
o One or two fleas: too much, THEREFORE ACTION.
o If you only see little fleas or flea vlooienpoepjes shit.
o flea is properly controlled.
o In the crotch fleas are clearly visible.
What can you fleas do:
o Environment handle, most importantly, (90% of the fleas are out of the pet)
o Multiple and often vacuuming, best tiles or sailing.
o Spray your house with a good flea spray, especially for your one days / weekend / weekly road.
If you do not, your house is infested with fleas when you return. All hatching fleas waiting hungrily for their favorite food, blood on legs. Jumping up from the carpet when they feel vibrations from human or animal.
All animals in house, so both dog and cat treat with a good flea plea veterinarian or pet. Means that the fleas are dead-selective toxic: toxic to insects but not mammals.

Aerosols: Aerosols for the animals, basket and carpet spray, important to the eggs and larvae to kill. Important are the moorings of the hond.Vet-kem Ovitrol: spray that works against eggs and adult fleas.

What kinds of resources and the animal?:

Flea Powder: Cheap, effective, particularly for a single flea, best with the flea, every night as combs, water bowl next to a little detergent, then sinking the fleas. For young dogs and cats, sick and weak animals perfect.
Flea Shampoo: Works well at the moment, but temporary, repeat every two weeks.
Dog Fashion: drawback to larger dogs often only the front work, often less effective vlooiengif, buy good quality (water etc), often the best flea collar at the vet. Advantage: not too expensive, tape can be invalidated, for example swimming.
Drops in the neck (little pipe, Tiguvon, Advantage) Advantage: All those blood sucking fleas, go to ziele.Nadeel: Fleas must bite first, before werkt.Werking is systemic, so the whole dog / cat to get the poison to make. Only mature, healthy animals.

Pills through the feed:

o Programm: vlooienpil ¨ ¨ type, makes the flea eggs sterile. Suitable for people who have the dog on a flat and not (much) come out. All cats and dogs simultaneously treated. We use self Artis also the maned wolves (with area spray) (goes in the feed). Not effective against adult fleas themselves.
o Cyflee: Advantage: kill all the fleas and ticks suck blood, disadvantage: Fleas must bite first, before it works. Not for puppies and kittens. Operation is systemic, so the whole dog / cat gets to the poison it.
Sprays on the animal, plant species with a nozzle, the wet animal.

Newer funds on the market:

On pyrethrinebasis: Defendog: spray for the dog, working 2 months against fleas, one months against ticks, (several years) is not cheap, very safe and effectief.Defencat: Foam for cats
Frontline: ticks and fleas Not cheap, but effective, fleas die by contact force, ie not only the fleas have to bite. Can also young animals, pregnant and lactating bitches and queens used, is in the sebaceous glands are, Little or no absorption through the skin. dog can swim, washed with shampoo and just cuddled. Safety margin for humans and dogs (selectively on the neurotransmitter of the Flea) long time that works. Dog: 3 months fleas, ticks 5 weeks Cat: fleas 6 weeks.