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Worm Control


Worms in dogs and cats are very common. The tapeworms and roundworms that the most preventable in most cases not that much harm. Massive infections may, especially in young animals, certainly problems like diarrhea or cause blockages. There is also danger that people, especially children, a worm infection, through contact with dog or cat.

It is therefore very important to prevent worms from your pets. They should therefore be wormed at least 2 times a year. If they are much in contact with children is 4x per year strongly recommended. So 1x per year to the vaccination is really weinig.Pups and kittens should be dewormed because they often via the milk or even before birth may be infected. They must therefore an age of 2, 4, 6 weeks and 2, 4, 6 months treated against worms. Then 2-4x per jaar.Als animals to go abroad because they prevent even more important in warmer countries (eg France, Spain, Italy, ...) worms can reach far more serious: heart worms, hook worms.


Tapeworms (dipylidium caninum, Taenia spp.)

Pieces of tape worm in the faeces are excreted. . Adult tapeworms (dypilidium caninum)
There are several types of tapeworms that can infect dogs and cats. The most important ones are the Dipylidium caninum and Taenia soorten.Lintwormen are several worms from a lot of concatenated segments exist. Rarely will you encounter an entire tapeworm. Only the individual segments are frequently found. These often look like dried rijstkorreltjes.Honden and cats are infected by eating an infected intermediate host is encapsulated in the muscle tapeworms. These are eg fleas between hosts (for dypilidium), mice, rabbits, cattle, pigs (raw meat!). Then the tapeworms grow depending on the species from worms to a few centimeters to a few meters. These worms have regular segments in which eggs are loose. These are again eaten by the intermediate host which in turn infected. A dog or cat eats again and the circle is rond.Ook people (especially children) may be infected by tapeworm eggs!! Dogs and cats usually have little trouble themselves tapeworms. Sometimes some irritation in the skin around the anus by tickling of worms.
The treatment can be done with most standard ontwormingstabletten or paste 's. This 2-4x per year should be given. Especially when the animals have much contact with small children should be held 4 times a year. There are also injections that 2x a year could be given. Because some tapeworms are transmitted by fleas, should also be free of fleas.

Roundworms (Toxacara canis, Toxacara canis, Toxascaris Leonidas)

Adult roundworms (Toxascaris leonidas)
Roundworms are worms that about 15 cm in length. They have a circular cross section and a smooth surface. Dogs and cats are infected by eating eggs from the feces of other dogs or cats. Cats (and dogs) may also be infected by eating an intermediate host, such as an animal infected muizen.Wanneer the worms are mainly in the intestines. Sometimes the act roundworm larvae, however come from the gut via the liver and the lungs back into the stomach right. This way they can end up in the muscles where they encapsulation. In bitches and queens, these larvae are activated so they can infect puppies and kittens through the milk. It is even possible that the dog pups are infected before birth zijn.Vaak are not many signs, especially in young animals but sometimes you can say the following things: big bellies, diarrhea, obstructions, vomiting, coughing ...
As with roundworms ribbon worms can also be people (especially children) infect. Here, the larvae circulate through the body mainly in the liver and encapsulation.
The treatment / prevention is 2-4x per year. Most are suitable for worming. The above injections tapeworm are not used against roundworms. However, there are a number ontvlooiingsmiddelen in the form of a pipette against roundworms to use. In the case of difficult cats do not like swallowing pills is to combine this with the ontwormingsinjectie
( roundworm + tapeworm).


Hookworms (Ancylostoma spp., Uncinaria spp.)

The sharp "teeth" of a Hookworm (Ancylostoma)
The hook worm is primarily an intestinal inhabitant. There are species that occur in the Netherlands (Uncinaria) and species that need higher temperatures (Ancylostoma), as is the case in Southern Europe is.De hookworm larvae enter the body by being eaten (bowel, breast) or they insist inside the skin (especially the southern European species). In the intestines especially southern European species can cause serious damage. With their strong jaws (see picture), they can bite off pieces of mucosa. This leads to bleeding as manifested by bloody diarrhea or very dark. In more serious cases, anemia and severe weight loss itself occur.
Treatment and prevention can be implemented in most standard ontwormingsproducten. Especially when the dog going abroad is a preventive treatment should be instituted. So good in your holiday worming.

Heartworms (dirofilaria immitis)

Adult heartworms in a blood clot
The heartworm is (so far) only for the south. Both dogs and cats can be infected. The worms, however, tend more to the north. The first infections are seen halfway France. They are worms that are transmitted by blood sucking mosquitoes. The larvae from the mosquito saliva in blood will reach the main pulmonary artery to attract and develop into adult worms of 15-30 cm. In severe cases, they are still in the heart. Ultimately, this leads to blood vessel damage, pneumonia and heart problems. The dog or cat is coughing (sometimes with blood), gets nervous, belly fat with moisture, ... The first symptoms of the disease can often begin again after the animal half years to one years back in Nederland.De treatment of heartworm is very difficult and dangerous. If a drug is given by the adult worms in the blood kills, then you can cause serious blockages of blood vessels occur. Thus there is an imminent death of the dog or cat optreden.Het is very important to prevent severe infections. The young larvae in the blood can easily be slain. If you have less than 4 weeks on holiday, it is adequate to the holidays with a ground worming heart that kills worms (this is NOT the most appropriate deworming), followed by a treatment one months later. Go longer than 4 weeks on holiday on holiday should be treated every 4 weeks and return home again. There are also a few ontvlooiingsmiddelen on the market (strong hold, lawyer) who also works against heart worm.




Although giardia is not a worm, yet he must also be named. It is also one-celled intestinal parasite that frequently occurs. Sometimes they can cause prolonged diarrhea with weight loss and sometimes braken.De most worms do not address giardia. A single (fenbendazole, albendazole) does. There are also free resources specifically addressing (metronidazole).

Treatment, the parasite test


Because many types of resources are the different types of parasites (worms, fleas, ticks, ...) there is not a standard way.


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